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Why Do I Need Regular Dental Exams?

Are you curious as to what the point of regular dental exams are? Sure, you know they help clean your […]
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Hidden Hazards of Missing Teeth

Kalamazoo Dentist on the Hidden Hazards of Missing Teeth

Kalamazoo dentist, Dr. Carrie Lintner is often asked about what to do for tooth loss or missing permanent teeth. Missing […]
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Sports Drinks Harmful Effect on Teeth

Sports Drinks Harmful Effects on Teeth – Kalamazoo

Sports drinks after and during physical exertion for athletes are meant to hydrate, fuel and replace nutrients lost during exercise. […]
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Diabetes & Gum Disease

Diabetes and Gum Disease in Kalamazoo

Do you have diabetes? Also suffer from gum disease? There is a growing number of research beginning to link the […]
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