Soothing Dental Anxiety

Are past dental experiences or fear of the dentist getting in the way of you receiving the oral health care you need? Our Kalamazoo sedation dentist sees a number of people with dental phobia and anxiety. Helping to sooth and lessen the amount of nervousness that our patients experience improves their ability to overcome future treatment needs and access more prevention-focused strategies.

But how does that happen?

As a sedation dentist, Dr. Lintner incorporates a variety of recommendations and strategies to help our patients feel as comfortable as possible.

Working at Your Own Pace

If it’s been a while since you’ve seen a dentist, we may recommend scheduling you for shorter visits at the beginning. We can work into the next phase of care as you and Dr. Lintner develop a deeper, more mutual relationship.

Schedule Early in the Morning

Most people tend to work themselves up over the day when an appointment is scheduled later in the afternoon. It’s best to book early, as in first thing in the morning, so that you don’t have the chance to think about it for hours.

Bring Your Favorite Playlist

Music is a great relaxation tool and can distract you from what’s at hand. Make a playlist for yourself or tune to your favorite streaming radio station and pop on our headphones. We’ll do the rest!

Be Honest

The better we understand your dental history, the more we can do to ensure your optimal comfort at the time of your appointment. Feel free to communicate your concerns before and during your care. Dr. Litner may even ask that you gently raise your hand if you need to stop and rest for a moment.

Ask for Laughing Gas

Nitrous oxide is a gentle analgesic sedative that works quickly and is fully reversible, so you can drive yourself home. The laughing gas works within just a few minutes to lessen your perception to discomfort and puts most patients in an overall “happier” mood (hence the name.)

Arrange for Sleep Dentistry

Our Kalamazoo dental office provides sleep dentistry services in-house to help you relax through all of your necessary care. If you find it difficult to sit still, have sensitive teeth, suffer from moderate to severe anxiety, or have a hyperactive gag reflex, then this sedation procedure is an excellent resource.

Don’t Delay Your Care. Call Lindenwoods Dental.

Putting necessary dental treatment off until later only allows problems to worsen. As such, they become more complex and expensive to treat. It’s better to manage them earlier, while they’re smaller and a more conservative approach can be used.

Schedule a consultation at Lindenwoods Dental today to find out how we can help you enjoy your next trip to the dentist!